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And there You Have It.

This is the end. And nothing really matters. Linkin Park told me so, and Chester would not lie to me! But seriously, this particular strip was a lot harder to do than I imagined it would be. Which is mostly why I'm updating late Wednesday/early Thursday (depending on how you look at time). I don't regret anything. Regret is silly. Comedity was awesome, still is awesome, and I've loved doing it. But the time has come, and I make no appologies for it. Sure the ending is kinda sappy, but by god, I feel it fitting. I'm a kinda sappy guy I guess. I'm probably now going to go eat a whole bucket of double chocolate chunk icecream to drown my sorrows. Well, I would if it wouldn't kill me. I'll probably just have a beer instead. A toast to the old comic. It was beautiful and I learned a lot. I learned a lot about making comics, I learned a lot about business, I learned alot about my friends, and even more about myself. I can now honestly say, "Yes, my life is a book, and people do read it. Avidly." Which I'm sure will make all my old guidance councilors proud.

But life is change. That's how it goes. Ever evolving, ever permutating into something new and different, and if we do things right, better than what came before. So, FRIDAY I embark on a new leg. A new day. A new comic. I'm excited about it. If for no other reason than I get to make characters do fun and interesting things without worrying about their real-life counterparts coming down on me with "I'd never say/do that!" Bwahahaha! Artistic freedom! Anyway, I really am rambling now. I'll end it all by saying thank you to everyone who has read or been involved with Comedity. I hope you all will come to enjoy the adventures of Cardinal and Cailyn as much as you've endjoyed the adventures of the Penguin.


Thank you for not stepping on the Penguin.
Garth(Thursday October 30st, 2008) -01:12:55

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