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Answering Questions

My reasons may be somewhat more complex than that, but it's fundamentally true. Comedity started as a really fun thing between friends. Sure I did the comic and took liberties with reality and the like, but fundamentally it was about the fun times between the lot of us. Then we grew up and moved out and on with our various lives, and while we still talked and were good friends we didn't have the zany adventures and endless laughs we used to. So, I found myself taking more and more liberties and inventing more and more adventures. Soon Comedity became the comic about the life I wish I had rather than the life I really led. Much of the very early stuff is verbatum true. Very little of the later is based in reality. And somewhere along the way, I found myself not really being as devoted or attached to my comic as I felt I should be. So, after some time, I decided that enough was enough. I'd keep with it until I had my new project ready to go, I'd give Comedity an ending it deserved, and I'd close one chapter in my life.

Comedity has been an absolutely amazing experience, in large part thanks to you who are reading this right now. I could never have even started doing comics without my friends, but I could never have made it this far without you guys. The readers. So, thank you. It has been an amazing ride. Thankyou for letting me take it, and I hope you have enjoyed coming along. I hope you all will join me with my next big trip and enjoy it even more.

I have a couple of additional thanks I need to give out, and then I'll answer some of the various questions that have been bombarding my inbox this last week.

Thank you Karen, for keeping my ego in check and for so much more.
Thank you Larom, for introducing me to webcomics and being my friend for these many years.
Thank you Kate, for laughing at me when I was ludicrous.
Thank you Becca, for being the hardcore geek I could talk to when Kate and Karen were in girlie mode.
Thank you James, for the wit. That dry, concentrated wit.
Thank you Stefanie, for all the laughs.
Thank you Ed, for not laughing at me when I said I wanted to do comics for a living.
Thank you Will, for all the DMing work.
Thank you Cole, for being a dork.
And lastly, thank you mom and dad. For all your support.

Allright, enough sappiness. I've gotten a LOT of emails this last week. Most of you seem quite saddened by Comedity's closure, but are looking forward to Finder's Keepers. Which is great! That's the best reaction I could hope for. But while looking forward to the new project, many of you have quite a few questions about what is to become of Comedity and it's community. So, here we go with answering questions:

Will there be a volume 2?
Yes. At some point in the future (not sure when) we will be publishing either a second volume or a "complete works" volume of Comedity. So, ALL your favorite comics new and old will see book form. No, I do not know when this will happen. It might be a bit. So please be patient.

Will the Comedity archives stay online?
Yes! Comedity.com is not going to be taken down anytime soon.

What will happen to the forums?
The forums will change, but they won't move. They'll get a couple of new skins so as to match the Finder's Keepers website, but none of the data or accounts will be deleted. Fear not for your post count. A new section for the specific discussion of the FK comic will be created, but otherwise the forums will remain unchanged and online.

Will I be able to get any of the old wallpapers?
This one kind of surprised me, but yes. There's a thread in the forums you should visit which details out how to acquire any of the old wallpapers, and what ones I have available.

Ok, I think that's everything for now. Next week's episode will be the last forseeable Comedity update, and Finder's Keepers will also go live later next week. Excitement!

Welcome to the Comedity. Don't step on the Penguin.
Garth(Tuesday October 21st, 2008) -02:31:38

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